Do You Have An Inner Critic?

If you’ve ever dealt with a harsh, judgmental inner critic.…

If you’ve ever frantically searched on Google, trying to find a way to get those mean inner voices to shut the hell up…

If you’ve ever had trouble getting out of bed, because you thought, “Well, what’s the point?”

This story is for you.

And it’ll show you how you can turn your inner critic into an inner ally.

Baseline – Hating Myself

I used to really hate who I was.

On a fundamental level, I thought I wasn’t good enough.

And by not good enough, I really mean, “not worthy of love.”

I felt that the only way I could fix myself, was by becoming physically perfect and getting a six pack.

So I read endless books. I dieted to the point of weighing every gram of food. I worked out for hours.

I even majored in a 4 year Exercise Science program.

But I failed. And here’s why:

Because I was using a fuel of self destruction.

It wasn’t until I found a better path that I felt worthy of being loved in my body.

And along the way, I learned how to make friends with my inner critic, and become my own best friend.

A Better Path

And I’m telling you, there is a better path.

Of path of saying, “I’m worthy of love right now. And I can keep getting better at all the skills that life contains.”

It’s not a pussy way. It’s not self indulgent.

It’s not letting you off the hook.

It’s a very strong, very tough, brutally honest way of thinking.

But it’s foundation is rooted in self-love.

Clear as mud?

Let me explain it like this:

Imagine a military sarge walks up to you, looks you in the eye, and screams, “You’re not doing everything you could be soldier! You’re a piece of shit! I hate you! Why don’t you stop screwing things up?”

That would feel pretty bad right?

Imagine instead, he yelled, “You’re not doing everything you could be soldier! You’re leaving your potential on the table! I love you, but you need to straighten your life the fuck out! You’re better than this!”

Similar intensity, and yet a completely different vibe.

Now, imagine that your inner critic is that sarge.

In one case, he’s mean, abusive, cruel.

In another, he’s tough, uncompromising, yet supportive.

Imagine how many times your inner critic speaks to you everyday.

It’s gotta be in the hundreds right?

If not thousands.

Now, imagine that every time your inner critic made a biting remark to you, instead it was replace with something powerful.

Instead of, “You’re so fucking lazy”

You hear: “I believe you have much more to give.”

Instead of, “You’re worthless.”

You hear: “You’re worthy of love no matter what happens.”

Instead of: “Nobody will love you.”

You hear: “I love you.”

I took a bit of a detour into the “brutal accountability” line of thought to show you – self love isn’t weak.

However, when you’re knee deep in self loathing, there’s really one major cure that you need as an “emergency kit” first aid treatment.

This cure will let you get your head on straight so you can keep making positive changes in the rest of your life – without all the self-sabotage.

This cure is the most powerful force in the universe that I have discovered.

Want to know what it is? Read on.

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